Youth Programming at Temple Chaverim

CHATYTemple Chaverim's youth group -- CHATY (CHAverim Temple Youth) -- provides our youth an opportunity to engage in interesting and meaningful activities with their Jewish peers. CHATY is divided into a senior youth group (for grades 9-12) and a junior youth group (JCHATY), for 5th through 7th graders.

New this year is mini CHATY for 3rd and 4th graders. Mini CHATY will have its own programming and activities appropriate for that age group. CHATY is proud to be a part of NFTY, the North American Federation of Temple Youth, and is part of the worldwide Reform Jewish youth organization of NeTZeR.

JCHATYOur calendar consists of an array of fun-filled events, social action projects, and holiday celebrations that seek to strengthen their connection to Judaism by building upon past Jewish experiences while creating new ones.

The bonds formed in youth group often last a lifetime! Past events have included trips to Broadway shows, a visit to the Carnegie Deli, a NYC Scavenger Hunt, Gaga for Tzedakah, and our amazing Purim Carnival. Rabbi Debra Bennet, the congregation's Assistant Rabbi, oversees all youth programming, joined by Temple Chaverim's enthusiastic and outgoing youth engagement staff led by Youth Engagement Specialist Robyn Lisnitzer.

Rabbi Bennet and the staff will be woking in tandem with an outstanding committee of adult volunteers under the leadership of the Youth Committee. Rabbi Bennet will be working with CHATY, while the youth staff will focus on JCHATY and mini CHATY.



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Upcoming Events and Important Dates

**Please Note: CHATY/JCHATY Dates Subject To Change**

  • September 13th: TNL/CHATY Opening Night & Ice Cream Party (8th-12th Grade)

  • September 17th: NFTY Kickoff Event

  • September 25th: TNL/CHATY Trip

  • September 25th: JCHATY Opening Event/Chalk the Walk (5th-7th Grade)

  • September 27th: TNL/CHATY at the JCC

  • November 6th: Mini CHATY Event (3rd & 4th Grade)

  • November 11-13th: NFTY Fall Kallah at Kutz Camp

  • November 15th: JCHATY Event

  • December 18th: Mini CHATY Event

  • December 20th: JCHATY Event

  • December 20th: TNL/CHATY Chanukah Celebration

Get to Know our CHATY Executive Board!

Dalia Lieberman & Jillian Max

Vice President: Nathan Blank

NFTY Representative - Tyler Behar

Membership and Communication:  Gabrielle Sorgie

Carly Hersch
Brian Lustig
Sivan Plotkin
Alyssa Reifer

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